Re: [xslt] [BUG] Win32, xsltproc, libxml, libxslt, <xsl:include/>

> > * Replace all those silent functions with versions which return an error
> > value, set up the wrappers for backward compatibility.
>   Basically if a function was returning void, I have no problem
> to change its signature to return an int with a non-zero value indicating
> an error condition . That's perfectly sane, would that work in this case ?

Sure, if a function can tell the caller that things went amiss, then the
caller can take steps to handle the error, that much is true. The fact is
that there is more than one function which needs this modification.

I have one question: Is xsltParseStylesheetProcess() planned to be able to
return a valid stylesheet pointer different to NULL and thus invalidating
the one it received as a parameter? The current code does not do this, but
the comments and the type of the return value suggest that this at least was
the intention.


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