Re: [xslt] Using catalog files on Windows

Hi Peter,

> On my trusty old NT4 there is no env var 'CommonProgramFile',
> one has to dig in the registry to find this directory.

I haven't run NT 4 in a looong while, didn't know this.

> What about using %SYSTEMROOT%\etc ? Also there is already a
> %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\drivers\etc (for the hosts file).

%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\drivers\etc is there, yes, but somehow it does not
sound right for XML catalogs. I cannot give you a logical explanation, I
just have a bad feeling about storing XML catalogs there. Seen rationally,
nothing speaks against it.

> Or what about "arg [0]\..\etc" (i.e. etc relative to the libxml

This is okay.

> Or can this be done matching the choice of the Cygwin system?
> Hello Cygwin-Users! Where is your etc?

I'm not a Cygwin user, but I think I know...

>From within the Cygwin environment, it is /etc. From within the native
environment, it is a subdirectory in the Cygwin installation, which can also
be placed anywhere. Well, Cygwin users allready have libxml2 search their
/etc, but for me, Cygwin is but another app which I don't even have
installed. Placing XML catalogs there would be about the same as placing
them in any other app's directory, say
'C:\ProgramFiles\Adobe\Acrobat\Reader\etc'. :-) :-)


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