Re: [xslt] Using catalog files on Windows


> >
> >   set XML_CATALOG_FILES=%CommonProgramFiles%\XML\Catalogs
> >
> > would be a simple solution with the lowest degree of trouble. This would
> > place things where they belong and work, even if one must install this
> > thousands of clients with different CommonProgramFiles location.
> Could this not just be the default value used by the libxml2 engine if the
> variable isn't set ?

I was just about to say yes, then I read Peter's post. WinNT 4 does not have
this environment variable, so we cannot use it.

It seems we must first agree on a default fallback location, because there
is none now. Perhaps someone expirienced in unattended installation of such
software on many machines with different languages can suggest a place which
causes the smallest amount of headache?


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