RE: [xslt] Using catalog files on Windows

For cygwin-ported applications, the world is largely a Unix-world. /etc/xml
is /etc/xml. The one true path according to win32 might be C:\Cygwin\etc\xml
or D:\etc\xml or X:\ or something else, depending on how you mount your
Cygwin paths into your win32 filesystem.

kind regards
Peter Ring

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From: Peter Jacobi []
Sent: 11. marts 2002 09:35
Subject: Re: [xslt] Using catalog files on Windows

Hi Igor, All,

On my trusty old NT4 there is no env var 'CommonProgramFile',
one has to dig in the registry to find this directory.

The only directories available from the env are TEMP and SYSTEMROOT.

What about using %SYSTEMROOT%\etc ? Also there is already a
%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\drivers\etc (for the hosts file).

Or what about "arg [0]\..\etc" (i.e. etc relative to the libxml executable?)

Or can this be done matching the choice of the Cygwin system?

Hello Cygwin-Users! Where is your etc?

Peter Jacobi

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