Re: [xslt] ANN: Mac OS X Binaries

Le grande pinguin wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 07:16:41AM +1000, Steve Ball wrote:
> Thanks, you are my hero of the day (or rather week)!

Aw, shucks!

> I just started to try to build libxml/xslt on my Mac.
> Just a querstion (since i probably need to port more
> autoconfish software): what's your way of combining 
> autoconf/automake and the PB build process?

A new target was created called 'configure' that is a
'Legacy Makefile' type target.  It has a custom build phase
that allows you to run a script.  I modified that to set
the current directory to the right spot and use /bin/sh
to run ./configure.  It generates all of the Makefiles,
but they never get used.

The Project Builder files have been submitted to Daniel
for inclusion in the CVS tree, so you'll be able to
look for yourself.

> I find it hard
> to belive that i have to manually import/add all .c/.h files
> and keep track of new file and have to define installation
> information myself (i.e. which headers are public, which private).

Oh well, that's life ;-)

Steve Ball

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