Re: [xslt] Win32/MSVC updates

>   Extracted. libxslt_so.plg seems to be a new file, I cvs added it in
> mode.
>   Applied, tested, commited :-)

Eh? PLG?? Damn me... I actually haven't enjoyed any alcoholic beverages this
day... obviously I don't need to in order to comit crime.

That .plg is a temporary file and is created and recreated by the IDE, over
and over again. You can delete is as often you like, the plague always comes
back. My mistake. I actually wanted to send the .dsp, but my mouse slipped
away :-)

Now, risking a closer glimpse, I see I haven't modified the .dsp at all, so
it was not necessary to update it in the first place... uh.

You can safely nuke the .plg file.

Spare my nose.

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