Re: [xslt] Win32/MSVC updates

On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 09:27:10PM +0100, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
> Hi everybody.
> The need to polish the Win32/MSVC port arose.

  yessir :-)

> I have updated transform.c to include an empty implementation of the
> xslHandleDebugger function, incase WITH_DEBUGGER has not been defined. The
> empty function does not have much sense, I admit, but the following is the
> problem: Without a hack such as that *.def.src file in libxml2, we cannot
> conditionally export a function. If the function has been marked as
> exportable (say if it appears in the .def file), then MSVC wants to find its
> implementation, or it will complain about an unresolved external. Since we
> want to export this function's real implementation in the near future, we
> need it to be in the .def file. Convinced that an empty implementation isn't
> a showstopper on any platform, I included it. After all, the header file
> declares the prototype unconditionally. Should this prove to be a problem
> for someone, then I hope that enclosing the empty implementation in #ifdef
> _MSC_VER would bring peace.

  Fine, understood !

> I have also updated xsltproc.c to include time.h and stdarg.h, which are
> needed for proper function. Perhaps this could be done in a cleaner way, but
> it is not a big deal.

  nope, the explanations are ectually longuer than the patch :-)

> You can find the diffs which contain both changes in an attachment called
> 'libxslt.diff'.


> Further, I have reorganised the .def file of libxslt to ease search for
> functions which need to be mentioned in this file. I have ordered all
> exports according to the header they are declared in, headers seen
> alphabetically (this is the way they appear in my IDE). It should now export
> everything. Relevant files can be found in a zipped archive which answers to
> the name '' and can be seen hanging on this message.

  Extracted. libxslt_so.plg seems to be a new file, I cvs added it in binary
  Applied, tested, commited :-)

    thanks !


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