[xslt] Win32/MSVC updates

Hi everybody.

The need to polish the Win32/MSVC port arose.

I have updated transform.c to include an empty implementation of the
xslHandleDebugger function, incase WITH_DEBUGGER has not been defined. The
empty function does not have much sense, I admit, but the following is the
problem: Without a hack such as that *.def.src file in libxml2, we cannot
conditionally export a function. If the function has been marked as
exportable (say if it appears in the .def file), then MSVC wants to find its
implementation, or it will complain about an unresolved external. Since we
want to export this function's real implementation in the near future, we
need it to be in the .def file. Convinced that an empty implementation isn't
a showstopper on any platform, I included it. After all, the header file
declares the prototype unconditionally. Should this prove to be a problem
for someone, then I hope that enclosing the empty implementation in #ifdef
_MSC_VER would bring peace.

I have also updated xsltproc.c to include time.h and stdarg.h, which are
needed for proper function. Perhaps this could be done in a cleaner way, but
it is not a big deal.

You can find the diffs which contain both changes in an attachment called

Further, I have reorganised the .def file of libxslt to ease search for
functions which need to be mentioned in this file. I have ordered all
exports according to the header they are declared in, headers seen
alphabetically (this is the way they appear in my IDE). It should now export
everything. Relevant files can be found in a zipped archive which answers to
the name 'libxslt.win32.dsp.zip' and can be seen hanging on this message.

Have a nice week,



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