Re: [xslt] Release of xsldbg 0.9.5 (beta1)

In message <001601c188cd$f9703c40$4c09a8c0@raven>
          Igor Zlatkovic <> wrote:

> Hi there.
> > Ok I've fixed some bugs that Justin found (see ChangeLog ), added a the
> build
> > files for WIN32 using  MS VC (whilst wating for Igor to make the full set
> of
> > xsldbg compatable binaries).  This release has been tagged rel-0-9-5 in
> cvs.
> This has happened. I have just posted fixes which enable xsldbg to run
> statis and dynamic. I'll have the binaries, including xsldbg, on my site in
> a moment.
> There is a small patch for xsldbg, which I will send you directly.

I've put up RISC OS binaries and source for xsldbg 0.9.5, port 1.00 on and will announce their
existance in the comp.sys.acorn.announce group once I've registered the
command name (just internal process for RISC OS applications).

Seems pretty stable here and built with no problems.

Gerph {djf0-.3w6e2w2.226,6q6w2q2,2.3,2m4}
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