[xslt] Release of xsldbg 0.9.5 (beta1)

Hi all,

Ok I've fixed some bugs that Justin found (see ChangeLog ), added a the build 
files for WIN32 using  MS VC (whilst wating for Igor to make the full set of 
xsldbg compatable binaries).  This release has been tagged rel-0-9-5 in cvs.  

I am satisfied that all that can be done to make this beta quality has been 
done. xsldbg can run under *nix, risc os, and WIN32. I expect that Justin 
will anounce the risc os port shortly.

I can release a prebuild binaries for WIN32 but because of problems with 
libxml/xslt dll's I could only build xsldbg using static libraries. The 
problem (crash) occurs when xsldbg, xmllint or xmlcatalog when they try to 
use a function that uses xmlFileWrite.  I tried for several hours for fix 
this. If the use of stdout is hard coded into xmlCreateOutputBuffer you can 
at least xmlFileWrite to stdout. 

For those who'd like to build the WIN32 xsldbg yourself (not a simple 
proceedure) see 
  docs/en/website/index.html, docs/en/website/win32_install.html and 
These files are ONLY available via xsldbg's cvs. Also the xmlcatalog for 
WIN32 is troublesome (discussed on xml@gnome.org)  

Daniel: For WIN32 this means I would be releasing GPL'd software both binary 
AND source. Where the changes that I made to get libxml/xslt (LPGL'd) to suit 
a static build of xsldbg would being FREELY available via xsldbg's cvs. I 
think this meet the requirements for releasing a the changes made to 
libxml/xslt? So I plan to release the WIN32 binary in the next few days 
unless I hear that there is a problem.

Justin: I've added a blank html file for your risc os related infomation see
  docs/en/website/risc_os_install.html. plus a link to your site in 
docs/en/website/index.html. Please check and send a patch as needed to update 



xsldbg helping understand stylesheets

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