[xslt] Export problems (and a solution, of course)

Hi there.

The following is within the realm of Windows and MS compiler, exclusively.

While placating the xsltdbg beast, I found some inconsistencies in libxslt
which stopped the show. The patch which lets the wheel roll again is
attached to this message.

In most cases, the problem was the declaration of LIBXSLT_PUBLIC macro as
empty. This doesn't prevent a proper variable export, but it does prevent
proper variable import, when a client program includes a libxslt header.
This macro is now declared in several places and that is slowly converging
towards a bad practice, I know. Soon I must sit down and clean up all these
definitions, put them in a single place and so on.

So, here is what the patch contains:
1. libxslt.h: LIBXSLT_PUBLIC macro repair.
2. xslt.h: LIBXSLT_PUBLIC macro repair.
3. xsltconfig.h.in: LIBXSLT_PUBLIC macro repair.
4. xsltwin32config.h.in: directed the include path to the right file.

I have changed the export list as well. The content of the libxslt.def.zip
goes to it's usual place.

By the way, these changes fix those DLL-related problems which recently




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