Re: [xslt] Release of xsldbg 0.9.5 (beta1)

On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 06:25:49PM +1000, Keith Isdale wrote:

  Okay, if there is problem w.r.t. Windows DLL, I will wait for
advise from Igor on the matter.

> Daniel: For WIN32 this means I would be releasing GPL'd software both binary 
> AND source. Where the changes that I made to get libxml/xslt (LPGL'd) to suit 
> a static build of xsldbg would being FREELY available via xsldbg's cvs. I 

  You're free to put xsldbg under any Licence you like.
But any line of code shipped within the libxml/libxslt releases are 
provided under the LGPL or the IPR (W3C or similar) licence.

> think this meet the requirements for releasing a the changes made to 
> libxml/xslt?

  Yes, but not enough for me to incorporate them into libxslt releases.


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