Re: [xml] performance of parsing docbook with xincludes

On 16/05/2018 21:51, Stefan Sauer wrote:
So one solution could be another flag to enable this?

Yes, but it would be rather ugly.

Thanks, reading the code. Need to figure where we could cache external
subsets and what a suitable keys is (ExternalID ?).

Note that I'm currently not planning to review and integrate larger patches from other developers. I only took over some libxml2 maintenance duties because noone else did. So even if you write a high-quality patch, it might never get merged.

Caching external subsets for XIncludes certainly sounds like a nice feature but I would prefer to find a simpler solution. For example, can't you just omit the external DTD from included documents? You wrote:

and gtk-doc will replicate this for the fragments (replacing 'book' with
e.g. 'refentry'). This way one can e.g. inject things like a version.

What do you mean by "inject things like a version"? Why exactly do your included documents have to reference an external DTD?

Another idea is to stop loading external DTDs for XIncludes without an XPointer expression. This would still change the behavior for some users but it's much less likely to cause problems.


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