[xml] performance of parsing docbook with xincludes


I am the maintainer of gtk-doc. One biggest complaint I get is the
performance. gtk-doc is scanning sources and combining the extracted
comments with handwritten docbook into a signle docbook document. The
docbook document uses xinclude for its parts. As a next step we were
using the docbook-stylesheets to generate reference docs as html (and
dblatex for pdfs).

So far I blamed the xslt processing for the low performance and since
about a quarter I am working on a (python) tool in gtk-doc that reads
the docbook with lxml (xml module that uses libxml2) and then walks the
tree a few time and produces chunked html similar to the docbook
stylesheets. The tool is getting feature complete and is up to 10 times
faster (despite python). One reason I believed xslt is slow is that it
is single threaded and when I added multi-threding/processing to my
python tool I was puzzled that it does not get much faster. At this
point I added some benchmarking and found out that the biggest chunk of
time it spend on loading the xml.

Lets look at some numbers using glib (https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/glib)

cd glib/docs/reference/glib
xmllint --timing --xinclude --noout glib-docs.xml
Parsing took 0 ms
Xinclude processing took 4560 ms
Freeing took 91 ms

Any idea how I can get more breakdown of whats happening in  'Xinclude

Running with "perf record -g -- xmllint --timing --xinclude --noout
glib-docs.xml" gets me such a report.

+   17.15%    16.69%  xmllint  libc-2.24.so        [.] _int_malloc
+   11.93%    11.87%  xmllint  libc-2.24.so        [.] malloc_consolidate
+    9.01%     8.97%  xmllint  libxml2.so.2.9.4    [.] xmlDictLookup
+    7.15%     0.00%  xmllint  ld-2.24.so          [.] 0xffff8021a0022010
+    6.25%     6.21%  xmllint  libxml2.so.2.9.4    [.] xmlHashAddEntry3
+    6.22%     0.00%  xmllint  libxml2.so.2.9.4    [.] xmlSAX2IsStandalone
+    6.22%     0.00%  xmllint  [unknown]           [.] 0x56413c74c0854810
+    3.95%     3.94%  xmllint  libxml2.so.2.9.4    [.] xmlHashLookup2
     3.72%     3.70%  xmllint  libc-2.24.so        [.] _int_free
+    3.28%     0.00%  xmllint  [unknown]           [.] 0000000000000000
+    3.06%     3.04%  xmllint  libxml2.so.2.9.4    [.]
+    2.96%     2.91%  xmllint  libc-2.24.so        [.] free

Trying a different allocator seems to help quite a bit too (xtime is an
alias for /usr/bin/time -f '%Uu %Ss %er %MkB %C' "$@")

rm html-build.stamp; ~/bin/xtime make docs
53.28u 0.99s 54.70r 202372kB make docs

rm html-build.stamp; LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libtcmalloc_minimal.so.4.3.0
~/bin/xtime make docs
42.48u 1.54s 44.48r 185404kB make docs

-> saves ~11sec when using the original toolchain (libxml2 + libxslt
with docbook-stylesheets)

~/bin/xtime python3 ~/projects/gnome/gtk-doc/gtkdoc-mkhtml2 glib
7.01u 0.25s 7.27r 146068kB python3
/home/ensonic/projects/gnome/gtk-doc/gtkdoc-mkhtml2 glib glib-docs.xml

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libtcmalloc_minimal.so.4.3.0 ~/bin/xtime python3
~/projects/gnome/gtk-doc/gtkdoc-mkhtml2 glib glib-docs.xml
5.69u 0.39s 6.10r 137340kB python3
/home/ensonic/projects/gnome/gtk-doc/gtkdoc-mkhtml2 glib glib-docs.xml

-> saves ~1.5sec with my new toolchain (mostly on the loading xml side).

Any ideas. Is there a know issues with using xincludes here?


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