Re: [xml] Error on parsing HTML with libxml

That would be incorrect behavior for libxml2 -- as Liam and I both said -- you have to encode some how.  
CDATA is one way and URL encoding (e.g. &lt, &gt, etc).

I sent you a link.

Which I believe is the correct answer.  If someone else is making the XML then they should fix it.  I also 
like the "soup" answer and agree.

We have people send invalid XML to our customers all the time ... my customers have chosen to make me fix it 
:-) .  That is what I get paid for so ...

We pre-process all XML files and fix every mistake we know (and the program slowly grows) before parsing it.  
Examples include attributes without a space between the quote and start of next attribute.  It would be wrong 
for me to ask libxml2 to do this -- not on spec.  So I do it.

So if was you and you have you take the files like this -- then pre-process them and fix them with either 
CDATA or encoding because I don't think anyone else would support the kind of change you are asking for ...


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I can't chage the source of the HTML page, because the page will be generated by another system, where I 
don't have access. I get only the pages from there and our Apache module makes a post-processing step just 
before the pages will be sent to the user's browser. And there I need a parser to change something within the 

So I think, the libxml should not parse the content of inline scripts to handle that.

There is also a comment on

which describes your idea with CDATA, but it didn't work.


On 18.08.2018 04:13, Liam R. E. Quin wrote:
On Fri, 2018-08-17 at 14:42 +0200, André Rothe wrote:

Try changing
    ...writeln('<' + '/td>');
and see if that helps; or use a CDATA section, <script><![CDATA[
]]></script> to escape the </td> markup from the HTML parser.
Although it may depend on what the missing //... lines look like, 
assuming this is not the complete source.

Better yet, don't use document.write at all, and switch to more modern 
practices :)

I'm not sure there's actually a bug here; if you feed the parser tag 
soup, expect a mess. Keep zPHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS in separate 
files and life will probably be simpler.

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