[xml] xmlReader: Possibility for cloning an xmlTextReader (or multi-pass reading)

{Re-sending this. Never got anywhere it seems.}


I currently have to fix an existing application to use something other than the DOM interface of libxml2 because it turns out it gets passed XML files so large that they can't be loaded into memory.

I have rewritten the data loading from iterating over the DOM tree to using xmlTextReader for the most part now without too much problems.

It turns out however, that the subtree where the large data resides has to be read not in-order, but I have to collect some (small amount of) data before the other. (And the problem is exactly that it is this subtree that contains the large volume of data, so loading only this subtree into memory doesn't make much sense either.)

The easiest thing would be to just "clone" / "copy" my current reader, read ahead and then return to the original instance to continue reading there.

There doesn't appear to be any way however to "copy" the state of an xmlTextReader.

If I can't re-read part of a file, I could also re-read the whole file, which, although wasteful, would be OK here, but I still would need to remember where I was beforehand?

Is there maybe a simple way to remember for a xmlTextReader where it is in the current document, so that I can later find that position again when reading the document/file a second time?


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