[xml] libxml2 - Unicode compile under MSVC 2010

Since I would like to use libxml2 with a wxWidgets application in a Unicode compile, I have been looking around for suitable libraries or DLLs.
My preference would be using MSVC 2010 Express as the compiler/debugger.

I did find instructions for building the libraries using MSVC 2008/2010 by Fabiano Ricci at: http://www.fabianoricci.org/?cat=62,
but when I look at the makefile.msvc I see /D _MBCS which I take to mean that the compiled output would no be what I want or need.

So far all googling has gotten me no answers, though Unicode is mentioned in a few places in relation to libxml2, I don't feel confident enough to just change the make file without at least checking around first and hopefully getting some guidance by someone more knowledgeable.

At one point I did have my app working with a pre-built libxml2 library, but a machine crash and several environment changes/upgrades since that time have left that part of the project in sad shape, where using the libraries now seems to cause crashes - with some hints that the problem might be related to issues with MBCS vs Unicode.
Unfortunately without debugging information, it is too much trouble to chase this issue through assembly level code only.

Any help will be most welcome and appreciated.

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