Re: [xml] libxml2 - Unicode compile under MSVC 2010

* nscg wrote:
Since I would like to use libxml2 with a wxWidgets application in a Unicode
compile, I have been looking around for suitable libraries or DLLs.
My preference would be using MSVC 2010 Express as the compiler/debugger.

I did find instructions for building the libraries using MSVC 2008/2010 by
Fabiano Ricci at:,
but when I look at the makefile.msvc I see /D _MBCS which I take to mean
that the compiled output would no be what I want or need.

For the most of it, libxml2 uses UTF-8 strings internally and relies on
the ordinary C standard library functions to interact e.g. with the file
system. It largely ignores the distinctions between _UNICODE, _MBCS, and
"ANSI" one may encounter in programming Windows-specific applications.
Practically you may run into trouble asking libxml2 to open certain file
names, and you have to manually convert UTF-8 strings from libxml2 to
whatever suits your application best, but it shouldn't matter much more
than that.

At one point I did have my app working with a pre-built libxml2 library,
but a machine crash and several environment changes/upgrades since that
time have left that part of the project in sad shape, where using the
libraries now seems to cause crashes - with some hints that the problem
might be related to issues with MBCS vs Unicode.

It's more likely you are mixing runtimes, e.g. your libxml2 might have
been compiled with /MT while your application uses /MDd or something to
that effect.
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