Re: [xml] Release candidate 2 of libxml2 2.8.0

Daniel Veillard schrieb am 21.05.2012 um 11:25 (+0800):

I just made a release candidate 2 which includes Roumen patch changing
slightly the way trio is detected/used on the Windows builds. Since
that's not something I can check I prefer to make a new candidate
release, hopefully people can give it a try.

Cygwin 1.7.13-1, builds fine, test results as for RC1:

make install
./runtest.exe - 11 errors for EBCDIC - ok
Total 2326 tests, 11 errors, 0 leaks
./testrecurse.exe - ok
export XML_CATALOG_FILES=/usr/local/src/libxml2/katalog.xml
./testapi.exe - ok
Total: 1162 functions, 291376 tests, 0 errors
./testchar.exe - ok
./testdict.exe - ok
cd ..
ls xmlconf/
Total 2269 tests, 15 errors, 0 leaks
See runxmlconf.log for detailed output
15 errors were expected


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