Re: [xml] open libxml2 crash bugs in lxml's bug tracker

On Mon, Jul 02, 2012 at 10:49:13PM +0200, Stefan Behnel wrote:

lxml's bug tracker currently holds two user code triggered crash bugs for

-> segfault with XPath expression with unknown namespace and nested
function calls

  that one is not too hard, I have a good fix for it:

-> segfault when parsing docbook XML with several external entities

I haven't managed so far to take a closer look (except for reproducing them
with a stock lxml), so I'm dumping them here for now (sorry).

  that is way more complex, I'm still pulling hairs about it :-(
I can reproduce it if I remove my local docbook catalogs and run
something like

thinkpad:~/XML/diveintopython-5.4/xml -> ../../xmllint --loaddtd --noout --noent diveintopython.xml

 this has to do with entities using entities and failures among them.
if there is no failure because the DocBook DTD can be found locally
it goes through without troubles.

There's also a libxslt bug that I just posted on the ML over there.

  I'm not sure i looked yet, i will try to adress this.


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