Re: [xml] Availability of libxm2-2.9.0 release candidate 1

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 11:00:38AM +1000, Eric Zurcher csiro au wrote:

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|   ah, good point ! Sorry I never use Windows
| Another test which was introduced in 2.9.0 named testlimits.c is also
| certainly missing from the Windows makefiles and could be interesting
| to run at least once on Windows.
| ...

I had to modify the timer code in testlimits.c to use clock()
rather than getimeofday(),

  ah right, I completely overlooked this when writing it !

but with that modification, it ran on Win32
without errors. Should the timing code be made conditional (as it is in
xmllint.c), or would the usage clock() be acceptable on most platforms?

 man 3 clock says

       C89,  C99,  POSIX.1-2001.   POSIX  requires  that CLOCKS_PER_SEC
       equals 1000000 independent of the actual resolution.

so that should probably work, though xmllint code has the good point
of being widely tested.

  I guess either way is fine ...
  The fact it worked fine on WIN32 is a good news really :-)

| ...
|   Thanks for the report in any case !
| Also if you have a chance to send the diff or the modified 
| Windows files
| that would be appreciated :-)
| Daniel

It's been a few years since I've submitted anything to libxml2. Should
I send the modifications to the list or to you? Should diffs be made
against the git trunk, or against the 2.9.0 tarball?

  Well I will take any of those, though I have a slight preference for
a diff against git head, but do what is most convenient to you !



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