Re: [xml] xmlXPathNodeSetSort performance

Hmm, it doesn't apply cleanly for me against 2.8.0 (so I guess you took
it from the latest git master, which is the right thing to do). The only
problem seems to be with the win32 setup, though, so I think I can safely ignore it.
But once applied, it also doesn't build. The definition of the
xmlNodeTimSort() function is missing.

As I said, it is not finished. It is actually based on 2.8.0, because I do not have access to git from work 
(restrictive firewall I guess).

I tried your second patch and it works for me. Seeing how much more
involved the third version of the patch is, I wonder if it's really all
that bad to leave the timsort implementation in a header file. After all,
it's supposed to be an externally maintained piece of code, and in the
external repo, it lives in a header file. So it would reduce the maintenance
overhead if it was just copied over unchanged.

Yes, that is my view too. Although I had to do some changes to the original code to make it compile with msvc.

I will just wait for more feedback and use the second patch internally for the time being and I will not make 
further effort to finish the .c file version.


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