Re: [xml] RelaxNG interleave, bug 400223

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 08:19:09PM -0400, Bruce Miller wrote:
Hi all;

I seem to have just rediscovered (the hard way)
basically that libxml2 rejects an interleave of an
interleave.  Or more specifically:
doesn't match
  e & f
  e = a & b
  f = c & d

Jing passes this, however.

It was also discussed on the mailing list, with
an nice, if somewhat opaque, explanation from Bjoern:

Any chance of an update?

  Unlikely honnestly. Basically the mechanism used by libxml2 to
do the RNG validation is very different from the derivation mechanism
suggested by James Clark, and while interleaves are trivial in
derivation, it's way harder in my scheme, and interleave of an
interleave really gets untractable. The issue is know for a very long
time and unfortunately I don't think I would have time to try to fix
this as this would likely require a very seriour reimplementation.



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