Re: [xml] can't figure out how to build native Windows 'iconv'

I can't imagine anything that 'libiconv' does that
would not work just fine with a Microsoft compile.
As mentioned in another post, if necessary I'll
just hack a build for it.

Definitely do not want any CYGWIN or MINGW
dependencies in the executables.

* David Lawless wrote:
Searched for nearly an hour and dug in the release
tree and I can't find any clear information on how to
compile GNU 'libiconv' natively under Windows with
Visual Studio 2008 and/or 2010.

README.woe32 in the current libiconv sources is pretty clear about this,
"Building requires the mingw or cygwin development environment (includes
gcc). MS Visual C/C++ with "nmake" is no longer supported." There are
various ways to build the library with MingW and then link it with MSVC
into whatever you need it for.

Have no reservations about using CYGWIN for
building so long as the 'cl' compiler is used and
no CYGWIN dependencies are present in the DLLs.

MinGW these days creates executables that depend on some threading DLL
if you need threading at least, that might be a problem.

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