Re: [xml] can't figure out how to build native Windows 'iconv'

No thanks Patrick.  If necessary I'll write a 'nmake'
or slap together a VS project.  Just seems strange
that the GNU 'iconv' release doesn't include one of
these or support for building with CL in their CYGWIN
make files.  

Igor Zlatkovic appears to have it figured out for
his binaries found at

bug I couldn't find instructions or build files there.

Possibly Lemm Thomas can post the project files
he created back in July someplace.  I'd use them.

At 01:40 PM 9/18/2011 -0700, Patrick von Reth wrote:
You could try winiconv a native icing implementation

From: David Lawless
Sent: 18.09.2011 22:15
To: xml gnome org
Subject: [xml] can't figure out how to build native Windows 

Searched for nearly an hour and dug in the release
tree and I can't find any clear information on how to
compile GNU 'libiconv' natively under Windows with
Visual Studio 2008 and/or 2010.  Would like to
build a native 'libxml2' that includes 'iconv', so
this appears to be a prerequisite.  Need 64-bit.

Have no reservations about using CYGWIN for
building so long as the 'cl' compiler is used and
no CYGWIN dependencies are present in the DLLs.

'nmake' is fine as well as is a VS project, though I
dislike the using the IDE for anything other than
debugging if it can be avoided.

Any help, links, etc. would be appreciated.



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