[xml] Use of interceptors with Glassfish


You can use an aspect AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) with the JBoss application server using interceptors while configuring an XML file of JBoss.


- What is the equivalent of the XML file if you want to add an aspect AOP(logging, time measurement, etc.) with the application server Glassfish v3.1 on NetBeans ?

- What changes to this file you want to include interceptors with Glassfish v3.1 ?

- Where we find this file in the installation Glassfish v3.1 or in what place in his administration console is going to make the changes ?


Here is the list of *. XML files that I found under the installation directory: "C: \ glassfish3 \ glassfish \ domains \ domain1 \ config"
- default-web.xml
- domain.xml
- sun-acc.xml
- wss-server-config-1.0.xml
- wss-server-config-2.0.xml

Which of these files, it shows the configuration file for Glassfish v3

Thank you.

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