Re: [xml] libxml causes crash on windows

* Jellinghaus Andreas wrote:
on windows xp with vs 2008 I'm using libxml 2.7.7 (the binaries from website).

I have some third party app loading a plugin dll and running init(), do(), done() functions,
and unloading the plugin dll. In my plugin dll I try to use libxml, and when I do, everyhing
works fine except the 3rd party app crashes after everything is done.

That is insufficient information (Windows, for instance, tells you why
it had to terminate the process, for instance, an illegal write, a bad
instruction, a stack overflow, and so on; you should also be able to
get a call stack trace from the crash). But to make a guess, mysterious
crashes when mixing code compiled with different versions of MSVC are
quite often the result of mixing incompatible runtime libraries, that's
what I'd try to rule out first after looking at the more basic things.

I would also make sure your code and the third party code do not share
any other libraries, like the application picking up the zlib library
you use for libxml. Assuming the application does not crash trying to
call your code, and there is nothing shared between the various compo-
nents involved, there should be no reason for anything you do with lib-
xml to cause crashes in unrelated code.
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