Re: [xml] XmlSaveToBuffer - how to use it to save an XmlDoc out to a buffer?

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 02:40:51PM -0500, Mary Albanese wrote:
 Daniel suggested using the   XML_SAVE_NO_EMPTY flag... But how?  And when?
Do I  use  
xmlSaveToBuffer instead of xmlDocDumpFormatMemory????  I tried the following
and it didn't work...
 HTML_PARSE_NOWARNING | HTML_PARSE_NOERROR) a bunch of changes to doc...
 xmlbuffNew = xmlBufferCreate();
 xmlSaveToBuffer(xmlbuffNew, NULL, XML_SAVE_NO_EMPTY);

  Well if you don't give the document to any saving function, and
don't save the returned value from xmlSaveToBuffer I fail to see how
you can expect to see a dump from the document...

  xmlBufferCreate, xmlSaveToBuffer, xmlSaveDoc, xmlSaveClose


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