[xml] Both XML:LibXSLT output method = "text" and d-o-e broken

I have just entered a bug report, #42332, on CPAN for this problem: 
Martin, thanks for your help.

The xslbug.xsl documents 2 separate problems with the 1.63 version of
Be advised that the LibXSLT module is effectively unuseable with output
method = text as follows:

1) < and > are always escaped unless you use the d-o-e option.
This is just wrong.

2) the 'd-o-e' option inserts a newline before and after the
text-element which is wrong and additionally makes this hack unuseable
as a workaround.

Summary of the attached documentation:

apply.pl: a simple perl script which loads libxslt and libxml, and
process a list of files using the first arg: perl -w apply.pl xsl-file

xslbug.xml: a trivial single-element xml file.

xslbug.xsl: 3 simple, annotated output sequences which expose the two

console.txt: contains the output from running xsltproc, running LibXSLT,
and the associated version information for all the modules and programs

The workaround for this problem is to call the XSLTPROC module directly
on file versions of the inputs and then load the results as needed for
further processing.


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