Re: [xml] Libxml2 disable-output-escaping ="yes" produces extra new-line ?

Sorry, perhaps my message wasn't clear enough on how to resolve your issue.

On 11/01/2009, Peter Schlaifer <peter schlaifer gmail com> wrote:

  (By the way, the output is the same when the output method =

This is your problem, trying to work around it with d-o-e will not help.

 C:\myTk\dd>xr apply xslbug xslbug

If you post the source to this 'xr' program, I may be able to tell you
how to fix it so that method="text" actually works. Or you could just
use the 'xsltproc' program that comes with libxslt, which I tried with
your input and does behave correctly.


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