[xml] libxml and catalog help

Hi all,
Please anybody would help us to solve the below mentioned DTD problem in catalog file
In our DTD, external entity files are mentioned as follows:
<!ENTITY % TandFchar  
           PUBLIC "-//TandF//ENTITIES Specific Character Entities//EN"
<!ENTITY % TandFobj   
           PUBLIC "-//TandF//ENTITIES Specific Object Entities//EN"   
<!ENTITY % TandFmath  
           PUBLIC "-//TandF//ENTITIES Specific Math Operators//EN"    
In my catalog file, I tried some thing like as follows:
<group xml:base="file:///L:/xml/TandF/entities/" prefer="public">
        <public publicId="-//Taylor and Francis//Journal Article//EN" uri="TFJA.dtd"/>
        <public publicId="-//TandF//ENTITIES Specific Character Entities//EN" uri="../entities/TandFchar.ent"/>
        <public publicId="-//TandF//ENTITIES Specific Object Entities//EN" uri="../entities/TandFobj.ent"/>
        <public publicId="-//TandF//ENTITIES Specific Math Operators//EN" uri="../entities/TandFmath.ent"/>
Eventhough, when I try to validate using libxml:
system "xmllint --format --postvalid \"$tempsavepath\" 1>\"$tempconvertedPath\" 2>\"$errorLog\"";
I encountered, Validation errror as follows:
file:///L%3A/xml/TandF/entities/TFJA.dtd:122: parser error : Invalid URI: ...\entities\TandFchar.ent
file:///L%3A/xml/TandF/entities/TFJA.dtd:126: parser error : Invalid URI: ...\entities\TandFobj.ent
file:///L%3A/xml/TandF/entities/TFJA.dtd:130: parser error : Invalid URI: ...\entities\TandFmath.ent
FYI: Even I am ready to pay for this help, in order to learn how to create catalog file for such complicated DTD requirements
Thanks in Advance,

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