Re: [xml] Regression test questions

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 07:02:55AM -0800, Rush Manbert wrote:

On Nov 25, 2008, at 5:19 PM, Rush Manbert wrote:


I just got libxml 2.7.2 and have built it on the Mac under OS X 10.5.

The make generates quite a few warnings, so I am interested in the  
test results.

  in general try "make check"

I ram "make tests" and it generates lots of output. The last few lines 
are these:
## Module tests
module error : failed to open .libs/

  apparently shared lib support or problem with shared library names
would be platform specific

## examples regression tests
Unable to open test2.xml

  huh ... are you sure docs/examples/ is complete from the tarball 
checkout, seems there is a problem there.

This looks ominous, but make doesn't report any errors. Is this the  
expected result when the tests pass?

  no, clearly

After this, I tried running the four test programs mentioned in  
README.tests. The only one that is problematic is runtest, which  
reports this:
Total 508 tests, 1 errors, 0 leaks

In the course of running the tests it has spewed out thousands of  
lines that report errors of one sort or another. My question is how do 
I figure out what the one real error is that is being reported?

  no idea, I assume it's always the same error.

I'd like to add a supplemental question. If my goal is to run the full  
make, then run all the tests and verify that they pass, should I just  
use the check target? DSo I need to run any of the command line test  
programs outside of make?

  "make ; make check" should mostly work, though I test only on Linux


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