Re: [xml] [Proposal] How about write a book for LibXML2?

2008/11/11 Hannes Magnusson <hannes magnusson gmail com>:
On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 20:26, Callum Gibson
<callum_r_gibson yahoo com au> wrote:
On 11Nov08 15:43, Elvis Stansvik wrote:
}I have started to reconsider the structure of the main content (yet to
}be written). Maybe it should be more task oriented and not sectioned
}by the different APIs?

I like the original outline - it's logical to group the APIs together and
your section immediately preceding "Choosing the Right API" will help.

I agree 100% :)

Elvis: The language bindings section.. what exactly did you have in
mind for it? Links to the language bindings docs or actually write
something (if so, what sort of info..)?

Well I think I was mostly thinking of links to the different language
bindings. For some of the language bindings I don't think it makes
much sense to write anything more, as they are well documented on
their respective websites. Maybe write a little bit more about the
Python bindings, as they come standard with libxml2.

But everything is up for discussion, or even better; just edit away ;)



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