Re: [xml] [Proposal] How about write a book for LibXML2?

On 11Nov08 15:43, Elvis Stansvik wrote:
}I have started to reconsider the structure of the main content (yet to
}be written). Maybe it should be more task oriented and not sectioned
}by the different APIs?

I like the original outline - it's logical to group the APIs together and
your section immediately preceding "Choosing the Right API" will help.
Perhaps what you're thinking of can be catered for by a "how to" page
of tasks and these could link back to the examples for each API.

After all, this isn't a real book so you're not limited by a linear format
and you can reuse material by referring to it from multiple places. Your
initial outline and table of contents is just one suggested reading order.

The only other thought I had on wiki vs docbook is that docbook is probably
easier to setup a structure initially and to refactor in the case of major
restructuring of sections, but these are tasks best done by one person anyway
(which you're doing). A wiki is going to be much better for keeping it
up to date and content rich though.



Callum Gibson @ home

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