Re: [xml] indentation after adding new nodes

I used xmlSaveFile("file.xml", docTree); This just dumps the xmlDocPtr docTree to "file.xml"
without any indentation. Is there any options in libxml2 to set it properly.

On 3/7/08, Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml behnel de> wrote:

Senthil Nathan *top-posted*:
> On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 11:33 PM, Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml behnel de> wrote:
>> Senthil Nathan wrote:
>>> I tried using the xmlCopyDocNode( ) and xmlCopyNode( ). It copies the
>> node
>>> but the indentation is not proper.
>> There is no indentation in an XML tree, but there may be text nodes that
>> contain whitespace. Maybe you didn't copy those?
>>> How can we set the indentation in libxml2?
>> What are you trying to do?
> That's true. But when I dump the tree to a file, the indentation is not
> proper.
> All the nodes that I copied are just continuous.
> The xml file generated after dumping from libxml2 with few nodes added or
> copied,
> <root>
>    <level1>
>       <level2></level2><level21></level21><level22></level22>
>     </level1>
> </root>

Ok, so what are you doing to serialise this result? Are you using the "format"
option? That will not always give you the expected result, as libxml2 cannot
easily distinguish between "ignorable" and meaningful whitespace.

Two options:

- parse with the XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS option to remove whitespace

- copy the whitespace text nodes when you copy the element nodes


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