Re: [xml] Simple parsing XML question...

Nima ,


Remember also to free the returned string using xmlFree() as it is allocated on heap via xmlNodeListGetString()


xmlChar* pszNodeContent = NULL;

pszNodeContent = xmlNodeListGetString(m_ptrXMLDoc,ptrCurrXMLNode->children,1);

if (pszNodeContent)


            printf(“Value of <pic_file>  = %s”, (const char*)pszNodeContent);


            pszNodeContent = NULL;



-- Lav


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Nima ,


Plz use the following API()


xmlNodeListGetString(xmlDocPtr doc , xmlNodePtr list , int inline )


Get the (xmlDocPtr doc) from xmlParseFile(const char* filename) API or xmlParseMemory(const char* buffer , int size)


Get the Current (xmlNodePtr list) for ur node  <pic_file> by traversing the DOM Document Tree , until u encounter a node with  xmlNodePtr->name as same as pic_file  ( Take the help of xmlStrcmp() API ) . Say this node is xmlNodePtr pXmlNodePicFile


Once u have this pXmlNodePicFile u cannot blindly use pXmlNodePicFile->content as the TEXT Content MyPicFileName.pdf is also a child node of  the pXmlNodePicFile


So pass the 1st child of pXmlNodePicFile to xmlNodeListGetString() API like this


xmlNodeListGetString(doc, pXmlNodePicFile->children , 1)






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Subject: [xml] Simple parsing XML question...


Hi  all,


I'm newbie here and got a simple question:


I'm parsing an XML file and having a node like:


 in  XML file, just wondering how can I retrieve "MyPicFileName" from this node?








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