[xml] How to iterate through...

I brought a piece of XML file that I'm trying to parse it and somehow I stuck to find a way to iterate through them and collect the properties in each line(element) 

I tried to use    print_element_names()  function in sample code but had no success. I can get the 'element_x' and their properties in first line below but from that point don't know how to iterate to its nested element(section_1) and further and collect them all. 

Any help greatly appreciated,


<element_x prop_1="value1" prop_2="val2" prop_3="val_3" >
<elem_1 category="&lt;CompanyName>" qualifier="Is">company1</elem_1 >
<elem_2>doc1.pic</elem_2 >
< elem_1 category="&lt;CompanyName>" qualifier="Is">Company2.</elem_1 >
< elem_2 >doc2.pic</elem_2 >
< elem_1 category="&lt;CompanyName>" qualifier="Is">Company3</elem_1 >
< elem_2 >doc1.pic</elem_2 >
< elem_2 >doc3.pic</elem_2 >
</element_x >

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