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Nima ,


Suppose u have to collect values of all properties ( prop_x ) in line



<element_x prop_1="value1" prop_2="val2" prop_3="val_3" >


Then 1st traverse using DOM Tree , until u encounter a node with  xmlNodePtr->name as same as element_x ( Take the help of xmlStrcmp() API ) .

Say this node is xmlNodePtr pXmlNodeElemX



To collect / print all Atrribute /Property Nodes of element_x  use…………..


if (pXmlNodeElemX->properties )


   // Traverse all Attribs of a current XML Node

   xmlAttrPtr pXMLCurrAttrib;

   for (pXMLCurrAttrib = pXmlNodeElemX->properties; pXMLCurrAttrib; pXMLCurrAttrib = pXMLCurrAttrib ->next)


            printf("\n\nAttribute Name = %s" , pXMLCurrAttrib ->name);

            xmlChar* pszAttrContent = xmlNodeListGetString(m_ptrXMLDoc,pXMLCurrAttrib->children,1);

            printf("\nAttribute Content = %s\n" , pszAttrContent);

            if (pszAttrContent)







Alternatively if u want only value of a particular attribute / property of Node <element_x> say only prop_2



xmlChar* pszAttrContent = xmlGetProp(pXmlNodeElemX,(const xmlChar*)” prop_2”);

if (pszAttrContent)




-------- Lav



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I brought a piece of XML file that I'm trying to parse it and somehow I stuck to find a way to iterate through them and collect the properties in each line(element) 

I tried to use    print_element_names()  function in sample code but had no success. I can get the 'element_x' and their properties in first line below but from that point don't know how to iterate to its nested element(section_1) and further and collect them all. 

Any help greatly appreciated,



<element_x prop_1="value1" prop_2="val2" prop_3="val_3" >


                        <elem_1 category="&lt;CompanyName>" qualifier="Is">company1</elem_1 >

                        <elem_2>doc1.pic</elem_2 >

                        < elem_1 category="&lt;CompanyName>" qualifier="Is">Company2.</elem_1 >

                        < elem_2 >doc2.pic</elem_2 >

                        < elem_1 category="&lt;CompanyName>" qualifier="Is">Company3</elem_1 >

                        < elem_2 >doc1.pic</elem_2 >

                        < elem_2 >doc3.pic</elem_2 >


</element_x >



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