Re: [xml] Building libxml2 Windows binaries against win_iconv instead of GNU libiconv

We already have libxml2 set up in Windows to link against the libiconv
that we distribute anyway for our own program, so it'd be more work for
us with no advantage.

For me again, the situation is currently the reverse, i.e. GTK+ apps
no longer need the GNU iconv.dll, except those apps that use libxml2
will still need it. (And as libxml2 is one of the few Open Source
libraries that has an official Windows binary distribution (good!), I
don't want to start building own binaries of libxml2 just for this
iconv.dll reason.)

I guess a good compromise would be to build win_iconv also into a DLL
with the same name and same ABI and API as the GNU libiconv
iconv.dl... Then a packager can choose which iconv.dll to include. The
preferred way to use win_iconv would still be to just build it
statically into whichever DLL or EXE that needs it, but the DLL could
also be used as a drop-in replacement for the GNU iconv.dll.


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