Re: [xml] libxml2 win64

On 07/02/08 06:01, Eric Zurcher csiro au wrote:
Hi Fabrice,

I am not aware of anyone providing 64-bit Windows binaries for libxml2,
but it would be useful if someone were to do so. If you succeed in your
recompilation, perhaps you could pass your binaries on to Igor for
broader distribution.

This has some demand, judged by the emails I receive offlist and I expect it will grow. I must update my hardware soon and should I come to posess something that is 64-bit capable, I'll provide and support these binaries along with 32-bit ones by default.

In fact, I could cross-compile them now, but then I won't really be able to debug them should a plague arise which is not reproducible on a 32-bit platform.

On the other side, this software is quite bit-independent and it runs quite good on 64-bit Unix platforms. Perhaps I should just cross-compile 64-bit binaries and send them forth. A bit-related problem is rare enough to handle. And the time between now and when I posess 64-bit hardware is short, at least by cosmic measures :) :)


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