[xml] libxml2 win64

Hi Fabrice,

I am not aware of anyone providing 64-bit Windows binaries for libxml2,
but it would be useful if someone were to do so. If you succeed in your
recompilation, perhaps you could pass your binaries on to Igor for
broader distribution.

Eric Zurcher
CSIRO Plant Industry
Canberra, Australia
Eric Zurcher csiro au  

|Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 15:00:28 +0100
|From: "Baumann Fabrice (LFR)" <Fabrice Baumann LIEBHERR com>
|Subject: [xml] libxml2 win64
|To: <xml gnome org>
|Hi everybody,
|I'm currently using libxml2 win32 binary, downloaded on ZLATKOVIC.com,
|into the developpement of a module for a win32 application (API
|Now I have to do the same thing for a 64bit application (running on
|Does anybody still have compiled the libxml2 (+iconv + zlib) 
|for win64 ?
|Is it really necessary to recompile the sources?
|Thanks in advance everbody.
|Fabrice Baumann
|I love Xpath.

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