Re: [xml] Querry regarding xmlParserOption.

On Tue, Feb 05, 2008 at 05:46:54PM +0530, murali wrote:
indirectly and you get a warning but not really related to parsing.
this can be fixed, sometime it's hard because the APIs don't let the
go though. So without more data it's basically impossible to answer.


Find the scenario below.
      options = 0;
      options |= (XML_PARSE_NOENT);
      options |= (XML_PARSE_NONET);
      options |= (XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS);
      options |= (XML_PARSE_DTDLOAD);
      options |= (XML_PARSE_DTDATTR);
      options |= (XML_PARSE_NOWARNING);       
ParserCtxt  = xmlCreateMemoryParserCtxt(DocBuffer, DocBufferSize);

if I parse the document which will generate warning, then I get worning even
though I have set the option XML_PARSE_NOWARNING.
Hope this will answer your question regarding usage scenario.

  No. This doesn't tell me how you got the warning, what part of libxml2
sent it. If you had a warning emitted say from the Catalog processing part
this won't be connected to the options set in the parser context and 
will be reported anyway. I can't tell from your report if it's a simple
fixeable bug or due to a side effect of parsing.


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