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On Tue, Feb 05, 2008 at 05:46:54PM +0530, murali wrote:

>> > indirectly and you get a warning but not really related to parsing.

>> Sometime

>> > this can be fixed, sometime it's hard because the APIs don't let the

>> option

>> > go though. So without more data it's basically impossible to answer.


>> >Daniel


>> Find the scenario below.

>> options = 0;

>> options |= (XML_PARSE_NOENT);

>> options |= (XML_PARSE_NONET);

>> options |= (XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS);

>> options |= (XML_PARSE_DTDLOAD);

>> options |= (XML_PARSE_DTDATTR);

>> options |= (XML_PARSE_NOWARNING); 

>> ParserCtxt  = xmlCreateMemoryParserCtxt(DocBuffer, DocBufferSize);

>> xmlDetectSAX2Extn(ParserCtxt);

>> xmlCtxtUseOptions(ParserCtxt,options);

>> xmlParseDocument(ParserCtxt);


>> if I parse the document which will generate warning, then I get worning even

>> though I have set the option XML_PARSE_NOWARNING.

>> Hope this will answer your question regarding usage scenario.


 > No. This doesn't tell me how you got the warning, what part of libxml2

>sent it. If you had a warning emitted say from the Catalog processing part

>this won't be connected to the options set in the parser context and

>will be reported anyway. I can't tell from your report if it's a simple

>fixeable bug or due to a side effect of parsing.




Please find the attached document used to generate a warning.




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