Re: [xml] Forcing the xml:base attribute for included files in the same directory

On Fri, Jul 04, 2008 at 02:51:52PM +0200, Wieant Nielander wrote:

Sorry, but how, seem to have missed that option?

  Whoops, now I feel stupid! I really though I had implemented it
when I added the flags options (ctxt->parseFlags and associated APIs),
that was certainly my intent, but ... it's not there. Should be rather
simple, just adding a new value for parsing flags (annoying, but well)
and test against it on line 1681.
  If you have a patch ready for this, sure send it along !

   thanks, and sorry :-)

Pas de probleme, it is exactly the patch I used and attached.
I wasn't sure about testapi.c and runtest.c modules, so didn't
touch them. Please let it know if you prefer different option
names/identifiers etc.

  Okay, sorry for the delay. I reviewed the patch and it was not usable
as-is because by reordering the parser options it broke ABI
compatibility. I also changed the name of the enum option to make it
shorter: XML_PARSE_NOBASEFIX. But i kept the xmllint flag name.
Also now the Document contains the set of option it was parsed with
so we can check this when applying the XInclude.

  I end up with the following patch (without the autogenerated doc

  thanks !


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