Re: [xml] xmlDocDump() on Windows

Daniel Corbe wrote:

Sorry but I must reject this notion.  You're trying to
say that it's broken the way I'm using it, but just on
Windows?  Because like I said on Linux it runs fine.

Yes, that's correct: it's broken because of the way you're
using it on Windows.  Linux does not have this issue; it's
a platform issue.

I'm trying to do something EXTREMELY simple here.  See
below.  In my experience if xmlReadFile fails I get a
bunch of things to stderr about why and my program then

Yes, the code is likely not the problem; it's a platform-
specific build problem, most likely.

And I have also verified with a debugger that mtp3 is
indeed a valid pointer. 

What is being suggested is that it is a pointer to the
wrong version of FILE struct for the runtime that is
being used by the libxml2 build you have.

Given that others can run the same code on Windows using
MSVC++, doesn't it seem at least possible that the 
difference is in how it's being built/linked?

-- James

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