Re: [xml] [PATCH] xmlIO HTTPS handler using libcurl [version 2]

On Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 07:31:38PM -0400, joel reed wrote:
Michael Day wrote:
We use curl with libxml2 in Prince by specifying our own entity 
loader. One downside of this approach is that we cannot fully support 
the "referer" HTTP header, as the entity loader is just given a URL to 
load but is not given the URL of the referring document. I guess that 
using curl as an IO handler directly within libxml2 would avoid this 
yes, i believe this would avoid this issue. Acc'd to,
you would use CURLOPT_REFERER

  Actually I don't think that would help, the problem is not related to
the possibility to add an extra header but to know the URL of the referer.
The referer cannot be guessed it would require libxml2 internal APIs
and xmlIO ones to carry that extra information, and that's not the case.
Actually xmlIO layer has even less context than the entity loader one
meaning there is really no way to add that information just at that level.
  Michael, getting the referer field computed and provided down in the
I/O layer sounds really a lot work, it would certainly affect some exposed
APIs, I'm not sure we can really add that support without much effort and


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