Re: [xml] Help Required

Xen Cloete wrote:
To all,

I have been struggling for more than a day trying to get the library to
work on my machine. I am running XP with the Microsoft Visual C++
Enterprise Edition.

I assume you mean Visual C++ 6.0, not one of the newer .NET ones.

To not waste anybody’s time I will get right to the point.

I have included in the Libxml2.lib file in the “resource file section”
of the IDE. The path to the directories for this library has been
correctly pointed to in this section.  However when I compile the
program I get the following error messages:

Forgive me for asking the obvious: did you add libxml2.lib to the
"Object/library modules" field of the Link tab of the Project Settings
dialog? The "resource file section" sounds like the wrong place to add a
library. Similarly, the location of libxml2's headers should be in the
"Additional include directories" field of the Preprocessor section of
the C/C++ tab, not the "Additional resource include directories" field
of the Resources tab.
If that's what you meant you did, then I don't know what the problem is
(although I do find it odd that xmlFree seems to be listed as a DLL
import while the others aren't).

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