Re: [xml] getElementsByName is available?

(Sorry Jason, that was meant for the list.)

Jason Viers napsal(a):
kalyanasundaram wrote:
Really! I thought 500 Kb is bigger. How much it would be able to handle?
At what size I should go for XPath ?

It's a very subjective call, which is dependent on the structure of the xml itself, the XPath being executed, and the specs of the machine running it, and what you consider "fast enough".

I'd recommend trying to do the XPath and seeing how the performance is. As Stefan said, 500k really isn't that big.

I'm using xpath on an embedded system (200 MHz arm).  At one point my
XML tree got to be about 100K long.  Because of the architecture of the
system, it is reparsed many times - up to 60 or 70 times per "update".
Each update requires opening the XML file, doing some lookups, and
closing it. The tree is not rewritten. There's some additional overhead,
but even with such a slow CPU each open/lookup/close cycle was taking
maybe 100msec.

So XPath performance is really good.


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