Re: [xml] getElementsByName is available?

On Thu, 2007-06-28 at 09:10 +0200, Stefan Behnel wrote:

kalyanasundaram s wrote:
  I need to parse a huge xml file for a specific set of nodes. Is there
any method like getElementByName is available in libxml. I could not
find it in the document. Does it exists with some other name?
Otherwise i will have to travel in the entire tree. It is inefficient.

No it's not. It just depends on the implementation of getElementByName. :)

You can always use XPath to find the tag. However, if your XML tree is really
so big (note that XPath is pretty fast, so I'd try it first) you may consider
building an index of the tree, i.e. some kind of data structure that maps tag
names to a list of node pointers.

Note that there is also a hash map implementation in libxml2, see hash.c.


  Thanks for your information. I need to parse the xml file only once. 
So which would be better? XPath or linear traversing?
I dont know much about XPath implementation. (Do they not traverse
atleast once?) The file size is about 500 KB. :)
So what do u suggest?


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