Re: [xml] libxml2 for Windows Mobile?

Hi Torsten

i wonder if anybody got libxml2 compiled for windows mobile based devices?

I've successfully compiled it for Windows Pocket PC 2003 and then
run it on Windows Mobile 5 (which is compatible) on a HP iPAQ 2400.

Are there any reasons why it should fail?  Or why it should work?

There are many reasons ;-)

First: to compile it for PPC 2003 you need the Embedded Visual C 4 (eVC4)
kit from Microsoft (free download). All needed changes should be included
in libxml2 2.6.29 as I sent the changes back to upstream. But I work with
a new project file so you may need to set up this one too.

But you have Windows Mobile, right?

To compile for Windows Mobile, you can't do it with eVC4. You need
Visual Studio 2005 Standard or higher (VS Express don't support Mobile

Cheers, Andy

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